1. All Ship Masters, Ship Owners & Ship Agents for foreign & local ships, Pilots, Port Management Companies/Operators, Marinas and Yacht Clubs are advised of the approach of Tropical Depression TD03F as per the Media Release Number 9 issued by the National Weather Forecasting Centre Nadi at 5pm Saturday 8th January 2022.
  2. As per the Marine Weather Bulletin Issued from the National Weather Forecasting Centre Nadi at 7:30pm on Saturday the 8th of January 2022 TD03F is expected to move towards the east-southeast at about 10 kilometers per hour and the centre should pass about 260 kilometers west-southwest of Viwa at midday Sunday 09/01/2022. TD03F is likely to intensify further into a category 1 tropical cyclone by Sunday.
  3. Damaging winds are likely to begin a few hours before the cyclone centre passes nearby. For Yasawa and Mamanuca Group, northern and western parts of Viti Levu, western and interior parts of Viti Levu, Kadavu, western and northwestern parts of Vanua Levu, expect strong winds increasing to damaging gale force winds from later Sunday. For the rest of the Fiji Group, expect strong winds from Sunday.
  4. Winds of these strength can cause:
    • Significant damage to houses of very light materials or unshielded structures with blown roof in exposed communities.
    • Damage power lines and disrupt communication networks
    • Damage plants and crops
    • Break twigs of small trees
    • Cause disruption to travel/transport
  5. Small boat owners are advised to take necessary precautionary measures to ensure their boats are safe.
  6. Marine Clearance in all Fiji Waters for all ships are to cease immediately on Sunday 09/01/2022 at 0900hrs until further notice except for emergency evacuation runs as required.
  7. Ship owners must provide all necessary support to Ship Masters of their ships and exercise good judgment to ensure the vessels are kept safe during the passing of the cyclone.

Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji

8th January, 2022

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