1. The COVID-19 pandemic, has severely affected the conduct of trainings, revalidation of certificates, and ship to shore interactions including effecting crew changes.
  2. In response thereto, the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) adopts IMO Circular Letter No.4204/Add.5/Rev.1 dated 02 April 2020 which encourages the issuing Administration and the Port State Control authorities to take a pragmatic and practical approach with regard to the extension of the validity of seafarer’s certificates and endorsements, as strictly necessary, in accordance with the STCW Convention, 1978 as amended.
  3. In view thereof, the following guidelines relative to the extension of the validity of the STCW certificates are hereby issued.
  4. All Port States, Ship Owners, Operators, Ship Agents, Pilots, Masters and crews are hereby advised that the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) is further extending the duration of the following Maritime Documents: Standards of Training Certification and Watch-keeping (STCW) certificates; STCW Short Courses; and Medical Certificates
  5. All Fiji STCW certificates, inclusive of relevant endorsements expired within the period stated on Marine Notice 14/2021, Marine Notice 26/2021 and Marine Notice 34/2021 will be further extended to 10 August, 2022.
  6. The concerned licensed manning agencies and shipping companies are required to ensure that the crew are compliant with the above-mentioned STCW requirements, and are hereby directed to submit to MSAF the list of their crew members whose validity of STCW certificates have been extended pursuant to this Marine Notice (refer Attachment – template).
  7. All seafarers are hereby encouraged to revalidate their Certificates of Competency (COC) and Certificates of Proficiencies (COP) after completing their online/face to face courses, as applicable to their certificate at the earliest opportunity in accordance with the standard requirements for revalidation. In which case, the 5 year validity date shall be taken from the original expiration date of the previous certificate.
  8. This Notice supersedes and revokes Marine Notice 34/2021.
  9. For further information, please contact Sesoni Komaisoso (Manager Ships Inspection) on email address or Mobile No. 9981219 or Nanise Rabe (Acting Manager Qualification & Licensing) on email: or Mobile No. 9906336.

Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji

02 February 2022


The Executive Chairman

Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji

Dear Sir

Hereunder is/are the name(s) of the crew member(s) of (Name of company) whose Certificate of Competency/ Certificate of Proficiency (CoC/CoP) have been extended pursuant to MSAF Marine Note 34/2021 dated 3 September 2021.

Name of SeafarerCoC/CoP NumberName of ShipName of Ship-owner/operatorCrew Exchange Date for Seafarer

For your information and reference


(Name and Signature of the Authorized official and Company Stamp)

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