MN 07/2023 Safe & Ease of Navigation in the Nakama Creek Channel

All Ship Masters, Ship Owners & Ship Agents for foreign & local ships, Pilots, Port Management Companies/Operators, Marinas and Yacht Clubs are hereby advised of the process for entry of Super Yachts into the Nakama Creek Channel and Nawi Island Marina.

To avoid unnecessary risk of collision of ships and inconvenience to maritime navigation in and around the Nakama Creek Channel, all yachts moored to the following mooring buoys must clear out prior to large ships and or Super Yachts entering the Nakama Creek through the channel.

CSM 116-46.666179-19.850WHITE331
CSM 316-46.672179-19.892WHITE333
 CSM 416-46.683179-19.925WHITE334
CSM 516-46.646179-19.922WHITE335
CSM 616-46.634179-19.933WHITE336
CSM 916-46.646179-19.958WHITE339
CSM 1116-46.654179-20.031WHITE341
CSM 1216-46.643179-20.103WHITE342
CSM 1316-46.645179-20.126WHITE343

During this period, the Authority hereby requires Copra Shed Marina to cease use of these subject mooring buoys until the Super Yachts are safely moored in the Nawi Island Marina.

The above process must also be applied prior to departure of these ships from the Nawi Island Marina.

This process mandates that Nawi Island Marina must liaise accordingly with Copra Shed Marina for forward planning for the arrival and departure of these incoming ships.

This action is required based on the interest of safety and convenience of maritime navigation for the subject area pursuant to the Maritime (Mooring Buoy) Regulations 2014. Further applicable are the Maritime (Navigation Safety) Regulations 2014.

Any queries or need for clarification may be directed to Mr Sesoni Komaisoso, on mobile no. 9981 219 or email at 


May 24th, 2023

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