1. Due to the challenges caused by COVID-19, seafarers are advised that the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) is extending the duration of the STCW Short Courses.
  2. The validity of these certificates will be valid until 31 August 2021. This applies to Fijian seafarers locally and on board international vessels.
  3. The extended validity has been granted in order to provide sufficient time for MSAF and Fiji Maritime Academy (FMA) to provide best solutions on when the courses can be offered. MSAF has asked FMA to look into online course training as an option.
  4. This arrangement is put in place to enable seafarers with these expiring documents to continue performing their duties.
  5. Seafarers are further reminded that once the notice is issued on the resumption of course at FMA, seafarers are to contact FMA for further information.
  6. MSAF will be working with other Flag States to recognise their short courses for revalidation of certificates.
  7. For further information, please contact us on email: info@msaf.com.fj or phone +679 3315266. Also note the working days and phone numbers as stated in Marine Notice 25/21.

June 9th 2021

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