MN 2/2020

  1. All ship masters, ship owners & ship agents for foreign & local ships, pilots, port management companies/operators, marinas and yacht clubs are advised of the recent weather report from Fiji Meteorological Service on Tropical Depression TD04F.
  2. All Masters are advised to take early action and preventative measures based on good professional judgement combined with observance of good seamanship practice to ensure the ship under their command is made safe.
  3. Ship safety is the Master’s and Owner’s responsibility therefore they must take all necessary action to keep the ship safe at all times.
  4. Ship owners must provide all necessary support to masters of their ships to ensure the ship is kept safe.
  5. Mariners must listen to all marine weather bulletins and tropical cyclone updates issued from the Fiji Meteorological Service and transmitted through Suva Coast Radio Station (3DP) and local radio stations.
  6. Any action taken must not pose undue risk to other ships within the sheltering area.
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