About Us

The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji is the sole regulatory authority in Fiji that monitors and ensures all vessels registered in Fiji comply with all International Maritime Organisation instruments the Fijian Government had rectified.

With maritime trade and travel playing a vital part of our country’s life and economy, MSAF is responsible for the overall safety of all maritime operations in Fiji, focusing on two key areas:-

  1. Safety Regulation and
  2. Marine Environment Protection

The heavy dependency by many Fijians on maritime travel means MSAF must ensure that Fijians travel safely and the marine environment is free from pollution.

MSAF is also responsible for the following aspects of maritime operations:-

  • Ships &Seafarers Registrar – Responsible for maintaining a Ship Register and for meeting Government’s commitment under international convention.
  • Safe Shipping – Ensure that all Fiji registered vessels are seaworthy and are safely managed.
  • Compliance – Ensure that all seafarers and maritime users comply with the laws that MSAF administers.

Organisational Structure

Our Vision

The vision of the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji is ensuring a safe, secure and clean seas for all.

Our Mission

The mission of the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji is enhancing maritime safety and protecting the maritime environment.


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  • Manager Financial Services – Finance, IT and Fleet
  • Manager Human Resources, Learning and Development
  • Manager Legal, Policies and Audit
  • Manager Ships & Inspection
  • Manager Qualifications & Licensing
  • Manager Safety Compliance & Response


International Agencies

  • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA)

Regional Agencies

  • Tokyo MOU
  • Pacific Community

National Agencies

  • Office of the Solicitor General
  • Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport
  • Ministry of Economy, Civil Service and Communications (Department of Enterprise)
  • Fiji Maritime Academy
  • Fiji MET
  • Fiji Navy
  • Biosecurity Authority of Fiji
  • Fiji Ports Corporation Limited
  • Fiji Revenue & Customs Limited


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