This Marine Notice draws the attention of ship owners, operators, masters, crews and the public on the exemption of the 6 monthly surveys for all ships under 15 meters.

MSAF agrees that the 6 monthly survey requirements are in excess of common modern survey standards. These standards require annual surveys. This exemption is effective from Midnight 1st March 2021.

On the next renewal of the 6 monthly site survey, ship operators can apply for a 6 month certificate to align with the new annual requirements.

From 2nd March the survey requirements will be as follows.

a. New Vessel Surveys will be issued for 12 Months.
b. Existing Vessel application for survey, the certificate will now be issued for 12 Months.
c. Six month site survey will not be conducted, rather, it will require the reissuance of a survey certificate to align with 12 months.
d. In accordance with the requirements of exemption MSAF will be setting up a surveillance and monitoring program. The results of these inspections will be collated and sent to the Ministry.

Operators are hereby reminded of Marine Notice 16/2021 regarding obligations to report incidents and reports are to be sent to

This exemption from the Honourable Minister supports the Maritime industry in these times which applies to approximately 4008 vessels under 15 meters as at 18th February 21.

Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji
1st March 2021

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