MN 23/21 Extension Of Radio Survey

  1. All Maritime stakeholders are hereby informed that all radio certificates for ships undertaking
    territorial and coastal trade will be extended until further notice.
  2. This allows us to grant a domestic commercial ship an extension of time for the Radio Survey prior
    to issuance of a Survey Certificate.
  3. This extension is applicable to ships undergoing a periodic survey (other than the renewal survey)
    that must be completed during this restriction period (due to COVID 19) in the domestic commercial
    ships survey cycle.
  4. MSAF may allow ships to temporarily operate for domestic commercial purposes for a period of 30
    days or until such time when Radio Surveys will be allowed, without the need to comply with the
    conditions set under the Maritime (Radio) Regulations 2014 and the Maritime (Fiji Maritime Code)
    Regulations 2014.
  5. Once the restrictions are uplifted, statutory survey requirements will revert to normal.

    12 May 2021
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