1. This Marine Notice draws the attention of ship owners, operators, masters, crew and the general public.
  2. Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji [MSAF], in collaboration with the Fiji College of General Practitioners [FCGP] has accepted the applications of 45 Medical Practitioners and 11 Optometrists in the three divisions (Central, West and North) to conduct medical examinations as well as eye sight tests for seafarers as per the requirements under the Maritime Transport Act 2013 and its subsequent Regulations.
  3. For qualifications above the Boat Master Licenses level, examination by a MSAF approved doctor is required.
  4. Applicants will no longer be required to collect application form from any MSAF office. Applicant will be able to choose from the approved list of Medical Practitioners and Optometrists, make an appointment with the respective Doctor and if they meet the standard, they will be issued a medical certificate from the doctor. The doctor will thereafter send a copy to MSAF for seafarer’s file.
  5. For Boat Master Licenses and Restricted Master Engineer Class 6, these examinations can be conducted by any registered medical practitioner at any medical centre in Fiji.
  6. The approved list can be viewed on our website. Please click on the link
  7. This Marine Notice nullifies Marine Notice 27


8th December, 2021

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