MSAF deployed additional staff members pre-Christmas to its Nabouwalu office as part of our disaster response post Cyclone Yasa. This area was the focal point for relief efforts and infrastructure this included road works and repairs to power, water and communications. The team members slept on the office floor to ensure we didn’t use any limited resources needed for the first responders and repair crews.

MSAF CEO Mr Simon Gravenall stated “The increase in shipping tempo over the normally heavy Christmas period in addition to cyclone response teams and repair personnel it required our staff to go above and beyond in support of efforts ensuring supplies reached every Fijian affected by the Category 5 cyclone as soon as possible. I am proud of the efforts from our team and their response from all over MSAF to support Fijians during challenging times like this,”

This morning, our Nabouwalu staff are preparing to receive the Australian Navy Ship HMAS Adelaide to anchor carrying with it personnel from the Australian Defence Force.

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