1. This Marine Notice serves to inform all relevant stakeholders that the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji is currently undertaking operations for the repositioning of the channel marker buoys along the Nakama Creek Channel.
  2. All Ship Masters, Ship Owners and Ship Agents for foreign and local vessels, Pilots and Port Management Companies/Operators, Marinas, Yacht Clubs, and mariners, are obligated to exercise due care and caution while using the Nakama Creek especially during this time of operations as there may be potential hazards. As such, necessary precautions are required based on the interest of safety of navigation in the subject area.
  3. Upon completion of operations, a further Notice will be issued by the Authority to mariners concerning the newly marked Nakama Channel.
  4. Marine Notice 07/2023 is hereby superseded.
  5. For any clarification, please contact the Officer in Charge Mr Sesoni Komaisoso on mobile 9981219 or email skomaisoso@msaf.com.fj


16th June, 2023

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