The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji is working closely with relevant agencies in restoring key Aids to Navigation devices as part of its restoration programme for Fiji’s AtoN network.

Mariners who travel frequently to the Lomaiviti Group can now navigate easily around the Natubari passage, this after the restoration of a floating marine aid to navigation at the Natubari Entrance in the Levuka Harbour.

The floating device was damaged during TC Ana (February 2021), with the cyclone causing significant damage to most aids to navigation devices in Fiji.

Deployment of this navigation light-buoy will significantly contribute to the safety of mariners particularly inter-island passenger ships, fishing boats/vessels, government ships, sailing yachts, naval ships and others travelling by sea including protecting Fiji’s pristine marine environment. The marine aids to navigation will guide them in their approaches to the main port of entry and other berthing facilities in and around the Levuka Harbour.

A new low-maintenance polyethylene Ocean Navigation Buoy with state of the art self-contained Solar LED Marine Lantern with proven operability & maintenance free for at least five years was installed a week ago in the waters of Levuka Passage.

The project is another significant step of MSAF to progress Fiji’s Aids to Navigation system to International Marine Aids to Navigation & Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) ‘Region A’ standard.

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